Goals & Strategies

POIC creates opportunities for all the people who join us with the aim of creating a formidable power called India which leads by example. We should formulate such ideas which help us grow not only at the grass roots level but also internationally. The tireless efforts of our organization, with the right seed sown today will blossom into beautiful trees which are the foundation for the future generations to come. Ask not what the nation did for you, but ask yourself what you can do for the nation.

  • Creation of Job Opportunities for the unemployed is the foremost on our agenda.
  • Development of skill sets for the younger generation.
  • Preference is given to establishing small scale industries.
  • Creating jobs for people irrespective of their educational background.
  • Introducing vocational training to the ones who cannot be gainfully employed in the main stream in terms of blue collar jobs.
  • Creating the correct environment for the talent to grow to become young entrepreneurs.
  • Connecting the nation under our social network program poic.in.
  • Conducting workshops to improve the awareness of how to join life in the mainstream through our organization.
  • Identification of raw talent and giving them a platform to nurture it for a better India.
  • Helping create young and focused leaders who will lead the nation towards success.
  • At the micro level, encouraging youngsters to participate in our programmes like sports meet, literary events, workshops, smaller competitive events at school and college levels, which will help us identify their skills and nurture them accordingly.
  • Installing a sense of community service among the youth through our programs which will orient them to give back to the society.
  • Training young minds how to think progressively in our workshops.
  • Helping educate the masses how to contribute to the larger interests of the community in which live by personal development.

Aims & Goals

  • Jobs for unemployed people

    Encouraging people in all fields

    Developing young entrepreneurs

    Establishing young small scale industries

  • Our Works

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