About Us

Suneel Yechu is the person who has founded this interactive platform to unite the like, minded citizens who want to improve the welfare of the country, by contributing to the nation using this vision POIC. He is the President of this vision which he hopes to take it to greater heights of success with the united efforts of all the people involved in this. A few words about our founder, here, who was born and raised in Khammam, with a master’s degree in Technology (M.Tech),worked as a programme developer. Despite the personal growth in life and success for him, he always kept this burning passion of how to contribute to the nation and help the others who were in need for a platform to grow along with him, which kept him burning the midnight oil for many a nights. This overwhelming zeal to do more for the country and its people made him take a giant leap of faith in himself and leave his job to organise this POIC, rightly stating the true elements with which it was founded to reach out to the common man, without any protocol.
Our founder firmly believes that, every individual has all the necessary know how and skill set within oneself and there is no need for any external factors to not only lead a good life but also to enhance his power from within required both for personal growth thereby contributing for the nations growth. This perception of our leader is so unique and true for the citizens of our country. He has made it the main vision and everyone who joins us will be a value add and contribute to the success of the economic growth. United we stand tall, so we give out a clarion call to all those who visit our website to join hands and make this web chain our investment for the future generations. The power of the common man will be used mightily through our programmes which will be visible to the nations as well.

Aims & Goals

  • Jobs for unemployed people

    Encouraging people in all fields

    Developing young entrepreneurs

    Establishing young small scale industries

  • Our Works

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